Summer has landed

Well I just had to write a post today. It’s not the first day of summer but it is the second and that is just as good. Also, today is awesome.

I’ve had a great week this week. It was quite productive. I fixed my bike, planted beans, finished my painting and have been writing a completely morbid short story for AUT creative writing comp. Yesterday me and Row started our Advent Calenders, mine is Barbie!

Today I had a good day at work. After work my boss gave us all some of her Semi Freido (how do you spell that?) and then I got tomorrow off so hopefully mum will take me shoe shopping!

Then my other boss, who also happens to be a courier driver, delivered a package to me at work – my new dress! Its so lovely and a perfect fit. And was only $25!

When I got home from work I got a few things done – washing, watering my plants and I made yummy mac n cheese with chicken, for lunch.

And then! I checked the mail and season two of Meerkat Manor had arrived. :D

I think this summer is going to be full of really wonderful things. And even though working part-time is going to be a bit hard financially, I’m looking forward to the spare time and to finishing lots of writing projects and doing lots of summery things.

It’s going to be a strange and exciting start to next year. My new job, finishing my book and sending to publishers, starting Massey (crap!), hopefully not moving house and then with Autumn comes me and Rows two year anniversary, the Fins coming, and Mum and Dad leaving.

To summarise: life is rather peachy.

Now i’m going to finish the first draft of my short story and work on my book.

Ta’ra! (Do people still say that?)


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