About Me

I’m a 20 year old writer in the making from wee New Zealand. I’ve just started out on my voyage into adulthood and am on an epic adventure to discover who I really am.

  • I own more than 20 dresses and not one pair of jeans. I love getting dressed up. I love shoes.
  • I absolutely adore food. In fact, I should be quite fat.
  • I’m completely and utterly in love with my best friend Row. Since we started dating in March 2010 my insides have turned to marshmallow and I have lost control of my emotions. Babies, wedding dresses and Chandler’s proposal to Monica (Friends) can all turn me into an gooey, soppy, gurgling mess.
  • Despite that I believe this: Happiness is only real when shared – Christopher McCandless.
  • I’m quite content to sit in a nest of blankets, drinking sauv and watching re-runs of Black Books.
  • I also like adventures, drives in the country and picnics.


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