Sweet treats, romantic toast, a makeover and approaching good times..

It has been a little, well possibly a long, time since I posted. Terrible Laura. I don’t even have an excuse, let alone a good one. Aside from being cold, which is horrible, this winter has been pretty amazing. My job has contributed greatly to that. And there has just been lots of nice things, and more good things to look forward to.

I made lolly cake

One night I made soup for dinner and Rowan was in charge of toast making. This is what I got presented with. (It’s a flower).

 Last week at work the library had a makeover. It was an all-hands-on-deck operation that turned many people into zombies (well maybe just me). I have to say, despite having to wear pants (!!!) all week and getting dirty and sore, it was quite fun and was cool to be involved in. And now the library looks awesome. I kind of wish I was just a visitor not a staff member, so I could enjoy the library without being harassed.

In two weeks, actually less than, its going to be August which is so exciting. Mum and dad get home, and then its my birthday and then we are going abroad! Well, to Australia, but its still super exciting. It will be mine and Rows first proper trip away together and we are going to go to Dreamworld. Woohoo!

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