Summer is here…almost

It is only two days until summer officially starts which is both really weird and exciting. I’m getting pretty excited about Christmas and swimming and dresses and all great things that come with summer.

So a few days ago I discovered the world of Etsy. Oh god. My life has never been more complete or more empty depending on how you look at it. I feel that I may spend a large portion of my life looking at beautiful things on Etsy that I can not afford and will never buy. But its not as bad as trademe browsing or the like. See, Etsy is different and its MAGICAL. Etsy is basically like a giant online market where people the world over come together to buy and sell gorgeous hand made things and vintage goodies. For Christmas Row is buying me this beautiful handmade necklace from the states. Its a bit expensive. BUT I MUST HAVE IT. The thing is it’s just so perfect and romantic. Even though I chose it, so its not like a surprise, but its called Autumn Kiss which I love because me and Row first met in Autumn. And it’s staring me and Row ;)

In other news, I am joining the realm of the fatties, obesies and lazies at… fatso. So that I can be fat and lazy and watch wonderful films and shows. See, I’ve never joined up with a video store and I kind of don’t want to, judging by my library fines I would probably accumulate lots of fines :( but Fasto has.. no late fees! So its perfect for me. I recently got out Meerkat Manor on a free two week trail. Meerkats = the best animal currently living. And now I get to watch lots of films that I want to see, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the original Disney Robin Hood. :D and also shows that I miss out on like Criminal Minds!

My writing projects are coming a long. Kind of like a log floating down a river. I’m actually quite motivated about my book at the moment which is exciting. Four chapters are almost finished and editing has commenced. I’m also going to start working on my school journal submission and have to get to writing some short stories for various competitions and what not.

Lastly, I really want these shoes from Overland but they cost $180 and they are what mum would call… impractical. :(

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