Meerkat themed outings, delicious edibles and lovely treats..

Well the last few days have been pretty full on so this post my get a bit long, also it’s 10.48 pm and I can’t be bothered uploading photos so I’ll do them tomorrow.

Where to start…

On Sunday night, in the lovely rain, we went out for dinner with my parent-in-laws. It was excellent. The food! We went to Fords, which is this super classy restaurant, I think its new or recently renamed, anyway was very nice. We sat upstairs overlooking the rest of the restaurant (ah, English) and the food! I had fish which was so nice, not battered or deep-fried rubbish, just like pan seared or whatever you call it, it was so moist and tasty and came with these amazing roast baby potatoes – you know how I love my potatoes – and bok choy. Now the dessert was just something else. I had ‘eton mess’ and kind of wish I had my camera as it was as pretty as it was tasty.¬†Meringue, cream and berries mixed up in this big fancy glass and topped with delicate fairy floss – oh my. Its probably the best dessert menu I have ever seen at a restaurant. There was way too much to choose from.

On Monday, after work, I met up with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and we had lunch out (yes eating out again!) and then we went to the zoo! And there were Meerkats! Two Meerkats. And kune kune piglets and woolly lambs and a beautiful peacock. I feel a bit sad for the meerkats that there is only two of them. They’re still fascinating to watch though. And they didn’t like the piglets (who were wandering around freely). I think if I was ever to get an outrageous tattoo, it would be a meerkat, on my back, standing on its hind legs ‘looking out’ for me, watching my back. Of course I would never have the balls to do that. But I think it would be pretty cool.

Today I had the day off and it has been raining constantly all day. Despite that, I had a lovely day. I arranged Christmas Presents, put up my fairy lights in my bedroom, defrosted the freezer and found some soup, and went to town. On my way to town I found a wee present in the mail box. I have been signed up to valued opinions (a site that pays you for taking surveys) and finally got my reward. A $20 Farmers gift card!!! That put a smile on the dial. In town I tried to find a ginger bread man cookie cutter but failed :( but I did find Christmas Wine! My favourite sparkling wine is Riccadonna Asti and I only have it once a year, at Christmas, and it just happened to be on a massive special today! Yay. Then I had Pilates.

So now I’m almost ready for Christmas. My tree is up and sparkling, my presents are almost ready, my stocking is out (and hopeful lol), my wine is in the cupboard. I just need to buy gift wrap off Presse Papiers, send cards to some family overseas, do lots of baking and buy lots of chocolate.

I love this time of year. I wish we were a country with more celebrations. I wouldn’t mind being American for that aspect (no others). I love getting excited about Christmas. This year I might even watch some classic Christmas movies.

For now, I will have my advent calendar chocolate and go to bed.


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