My Book! (Well, first three chapters of)

Scroll down to read my latest post but first! I decided to print out the first 3 chapters of my book. I don’t think I have ever felt such joy as I watched the pages splurt out of the printer, the crisp white pages ¬†filled with lovely black text, my text. The printer was even struggling. It had to take pauses every 10 pages or so, and it would cough and rattle and then keep printing. 35 pages in total, so far. More to come. And then holding the pages for the first time. The weight of those pages. It all became real,¬†achievable, closer. I actually imagine that it would be similar to holding your new born child. Maybe that’s what writing a book is like; pregnancy. The process of growing a child: exhausting, exciting, the months of waiting for the end result. This is my baby.


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