Wonderful Things…

This week has been sort of magical. I just worked 8 days straight (only somewhere between 15 and 20 hours but still) and now have two days off, but despite working it has been a great week so far. I have been a lot happier this week and am trying to keep positive about the future and things. Nothing amazing has happened but there has just been lots of nice little things.

Work has been going really well, tiring at times but I’m learning a lot and get on really well with Angela. On Monday me and Angela were waiting for some people to check out so we ended up just sitting down and having a chat over a cup of tea. Its funny how something like that can mean a lot to you when you have never had that sort of relationship with a boss before. It was nice.

I got a letter from Mommo this week. It was so exciting getting some real mail and she sounded really happy that I wrote to her. I’m going to buy some stationary so I can write more letters.

Today me and Row drove to Blenheim (for his work) and had pizza by the river. We actually talked the whole way which was nice.

I got a huge bunch of sweet peas from Angela from her garden yesterday and now the whole house smells amazing.

On Saturday I’m going to make a herb garden in a mussel boy that someone from work is giving me. I’m actually really excited about having a little garden.

Also I got round to making  a banana cake and brownie this week. Nom nom.

Now I’m just relaxing with a beer, it’s really hot and I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Ah life…



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