Looking forward

Here’s what I am looking forward to.

  • Staying in Hira on the weekend.
  • Going to Blenheim next week with Row (for his work, I think I will make a picnic).
  • Christmas – specifically: my second Christmas with Row, buying Christmassy stuff, buying/ making Rows present, eating lots of food, making stuff for mum and dad and nan and pop, buying nice Christmas Cards off Presse Papiers, getting a Christmas tree
  • It getting warmer so I can wear my dresses.
  • My first swim at the beach at the end of my road.
  • Getting some outdoor furniture so me and Row can have dinner outside sometimes.
  • Rowan only working 4 days a week this summer :D
  • Getting better at my job.
  • Going to Rotorua with mum in February
  • Receiving my Diploma in Creative Writing.
  • Receiving my first post card from Postcrossing
  • Finishing my book and holding the printed pages for the first time.
  • Getting my ‘offer of place’ at Massey.
  • Making and eating the macaroni bake that I am going to try for dinner tonight. A new recipe I found in the Healthy Food Guide magazine.
That is a marvelous list. And I probably forgot a handful of things.

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