Dreaming in Gingham

Blogging on my bed. Sunshine outside. Radio playing. Feels like summer is peeping through the clouds.

Have worked 3 days now, starting to ‘slot in’. Feel kind of tired and lazy when I get home though, Row is gaming today though so I’m having some me time which is nice. Tidied my room and did some washing, mucking around on-line. Should do some work on my book.

I have signed up with 43 Things to keep track of my goals. http://www.43things.com/person/PixieLu I find reading other peoples goals quite inspirational.

I feel like going and having a hot chocolate at a nice cafe and going for a walk in Queens Gardens. I would love an aromatherapy massage right now, I feel like a sack of potatoes.

I need to buy a bunch of stuff for work – a good bra or sports bra, hair-spray and bobby pins and ties, Siberian ginseng and something appetizing for breakfast. I also want a new pillow, some stuff from Aromaflex, some new shoes – maybe sandals, and the yellow dress from Farmers. Oh and a bottle of wine. Holy Christ. Imagine it – I can actually afford a bottle of wine now. The times they are a changin’

One of my goals is to write more letters. Yesterday I sent one to Mommo and I made a cute little envelope to wrap some photos up in.


This is the gingham maxi dress that Saki gave me. Haven’t made my mind up about it yet – but jesus it’s comfortable. I think I could live in it, well in summer anyway.

And before I forget – meet Lucy – Row’s parents new baby. Isn’t she wonderful?

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