Growing the Self

The clouds are roaming and it’s that time of year that you have to get changed about four times a day because the temperature is ┬áso… temperamental.

Yesterday I had the day off and did some adventuring. I got up at 8 am (!) and hauled my bicycle out. I’m really keen to explore some of the cycle routes around nelson. Sadly, my bicycle is in need of some lovin’. The tires are flat and the chains a bit rusty. Hopefully I will get it up and running soon and then I can go on some adventures. So I went for a wander along the beach and took some photos. Then I went into town and bought stuff to make my first ever Key Lime Pie (photos to come). I tried on some clothes but didn’t find anything worth spending my money on. Oh and I got some of my favourite wine, Stoneleigh, for $11!

So at work I’m learning how to do receptiony stuff. Today I was answering the phone – kind of scary at first but I’m getting the hang of it now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to practice making some bookings.

Will is coming ┬áhome on Thursday so I’m sure there will be much feasting and drinking and singing of ballads, ha joking. But almost.

Low Tide Reflections - The Beach Yesterday

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