A Job You Say?

The sun is pouring through the window, accompanied by a recent afternoon breeze.

There have been some developments since my last post! I now – hold onto your hats – have a job. Who would have thought? Its funny, went for a walk on¬†Saturday¬†and decided to get the paper (which I haven’t done in a long time) and a motel just down the road was advertising. So I rang up and on Sunday had an interview and basically got the job on the spot. Today was my first day. It’s just housekeeping but it seems like a nice normal place to work and the bosses – John and Angela – are really nice. Oh and I’m getting paid $16 an hour haha!

It hasn’t sunk in that I have a job yet – I keep going to look for one on Trade Me. At least now I don’t have to worry about student benefit.

This job also means that I have converted to an evening Pilates – which happens to be at 6.15 today. Which, despite being hot and lazy right now, I’m quite looking forward to.

I can’t wait till I settle into a routine at work. Wow its just dawning on me that this is it. Summer’s here. Woohoo!


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