Childhood Alley

So it’s a mildly rainy Sunday and I am actually out of bed at a decent time. It required much effort but here I am bloggin’ with a faithful cup of tea at my side. To be fair I did stay up quite late last night doing some painting and writing – I have now started Chapter B (or 2) of my book, hurrah! (Which by the way, is on my favourite subject: food.)

This week I have been doing some joyous┬áreminiscing. As part of my Diploma I am doing a Writing for Children paper and so I was having a casual browse through Trade Me at children’s book when I stumbled upon a hidden memory. I found this book for sale called ‘Richard Scarry’s Best Little Word Book Ever’. I honestly stared at the little cat on the cover for a good 10 minutes and all the while my brain was screaming “Why does this book look so┬áridiculously familiar?.” So I searched good ol’ Google and came across Huckle Cat and Lowly worm and Busy Town and a the whole glorious world of ┬áRichard Scarry. When I was little I had read his books but somehow, in all the chaos of my mind they had been completely forgotten. I tell you I was actually squealing when I finally realised why those books were so familar. Now I am on the hunt to find my childhood books and reunite myself with Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm.

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