Ends and Beginnings

Wooooooohoooooo! I just finished the first chapter of my first book. It took a month longer than I had anticipated but at 17 pages and 7608 words I am pretty stoked with that. Excuse me for a moment while I shout and jump up and down… I DID IT!!! I HAVE WRITTEN THE FIRST CHAPTER AND IT MAY NEVER BE READ BY ANYONE BUT ME AND MY PARENTS WHO HAVE TO READ IT BECAUSE THEY ARE MY PARENTS AND THAT IS THEIR JOB BUT I DO NOT CARE BECAUSE I DID IT! … sorry about that. You may want to hide under the bed if, no, when I finish the whole book. See the thing is, this is a big step for me in my writing. As much as I love words and writing them and putting them together so they tell a story I have always been a weak finisher. My stories would always trail off because I would have a new idea and then another one and then another one so that I would have a whole library of introductions. And I know that I have only written one chapter, technically I haven’t finished anything yet, but even though it’s only one chapter it is great start and most importantly it is a start that is going to lead to a middle and then an end. This time I’m hooked.

In another news, I have decided to do a painting class and finally do something that I have always loved but have always been afraid of doing for fear of failing miserably. (Was that sentence somewhat poetic?) My biggest goal for this class and my biggest challenge is just to enjoy myself and not worry about how wonderfully terrible my paintings are and not to care if my giraffe looks more like a tree that has been struck by lightening.

This semester is going to be pretty intense I think. The papers on my course all look quite heavy with big projecty-type assignments as well as lots of theory. Plus I have the painting class on Monday morning, am going to start a new pilates class which will be on Fridays and oh yeah – I’m turning 20 in 3 weeks. Since when was I so old? Also there is the fact that in about August/ September I am going to have to start looking for work which is just going to be a right shit. In the words of Douglas Reynholm ‘Bloody blast this up my ass!’ – ah what a great show. Hopefully – fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyebrows crossed – I can get some work at one of the hundred’s of motels on Beach Road, but I bet even that will be a challenge.

That’s enough rambling from me, I think I am going to go and play with some paint and then maybe make some Afghans.


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