Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful…

Feeling super positive right now…and this might be a bit long.

It has been a pretty busy last week of the holidays. In short it has involved Paul the chicken, going out, staying in and keeping warm, zombies and mad scientists, pears and giraffes, thunder and lightning (literally!) and making plans for bright new beginnings in Semester Two.

Food, put simply, is central to everything. It enables us to exist and gives us the energy for everyday. Food has a different meaning to everyone; some people despise it, some don’t know how to use it to its full potential, some are afraid of it – some love it. I am in the last bunch. I love food. To me it’s a form of art, a constant learning curve, ultimate comfort and some of the best fun you can have. The best part for me is making something from scratch with fresh ingredients and a bit of faith. This week I took to a chicken, lovingly named Paul. He came pre-roasted from  the supermarket (lazy but tasty!) and me and my partner got 3+ dinners out of him; traditional roast, pita breads with brie cheese, salad and chicken, and pesto pasta. And I spent Friday making chicken stock and bread. I think Chicken Soup will be on next weeks menu. Speaking of food we also went out with my partners parents and had Thai. Thai is the best.

Stock :)


So I did a few things other than just eating this week. I went to my old High School’s play. Long story short it involved a few mad scientists that created scary monsters. I always admire the way so many pieces (and people) can fall into place to create something beautiful – even if it’s not perfect.

I also visited the library (one of my favourite places) and got some drawing books and painting books. I want to paint! And hopefully I will soon be taking a class. I spent most of yesterday afternoon drawing. I feel like when I draw, a new part of me is growing. Like an extra limb, but less weird.  I bought this magical notebook, its actually awesome. I have attached some photos but they are a bit b-grade. And I got ‘Midnight Affair’ Nail Varnish (or navy blue in simple terms).



See, see it is awesome (note the little concertina file)












Ok so here is my wee dog that I drew. I am going to draw a pony after writing this post.











Semester Two starts tomorrow. Four new papers, mostly new tutors, new assignments…new, new, new. I’m a wee bit nervous but mostly excited. And nervous. I want to write a bit more about this but I also want to draw a pony and make dinner. So I will write a new post tomorrow once I get my course outline and after I meet the Art Class tutor.

I hope you’ll enjoyed my classy photography skills.  Remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

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