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Last week I spent a few nights in the Capital City, staying at my brothers. I’m still not sure how I feel about Wellington (apart from the standard ‘it’s cold’). I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. I do love the narrow streets and old house that are squished in next to each other like books on a library shelf. And I love the harbour that you can see from almost anywhere because it is so hilly. I like the quaint boutiques and cafes that I can’t afford to shop at. And the people. The great diversity of people that flow constantly (or stampede) down Lambton Quay and Cuba Street. They are all in the same street and yet they are far away with different stories and vacant expressions. I could dream up whole worlds for them. I also love how there are so many museums and galleries – you could spend days just peering into paintings. We visited Te Papa – the Museum of New Zealand and the City Art Gallery. I think the thing I like about art is that you never really know quite what you are looking at. It’s like if you peep through a strangers window, you get a snapshot of their life – what they have for breakfast, the pictures on the wall – but it’s just a moment and you will never know the whole story, so you can dream it up yourself. And of course, what would a good holiday be without great food – home-made pizza’s, Indian from the Curry Pot restaurant and a splash of Sav Blanc.


Snippets from Wellington.


From top left:

  1. Botanic Gardens
  2. Some of the clothes I bought including new favourite Cat Sweater (Wearing Presently)
  3. A selection of travel necessaries – My Holga film camera, tartan scarf, fingerless gloves, purse & tan leather bag, sunglasses, journal for my book and favourite lavender hydrosol (for absolutely everything)
  4. Dress from Te Papa display (50s?) I would wear this.
  5. Botanic Gardens
  6. Old Wellington – I love this! Lambton Quay. Silly me didn’t get the date.
  7. View from the ferry coming into the Sounds – stunning.
  8. Herb Avenue in Botanic Gardens.
  9. View of Wellington + Harbour from Mt Victoria
  10. Sansevieria Snake Plant at Botanic Gardens. I have one of these plants in a terracotta pot on my deck. I am now mildly concerned that it is going to turn into jungle like this one. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it is almost a meter wide! Path

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