A Celebratory Post

I’m writing this post from my bed…in the living room – it’s bliss! With the flatmate away me and Row decided to move into  the lounge for a week. It feels kind of like camping, except better because it’s warm, comfortable and there aren’t any bugs.  I don’t know why people don’t do this more often, it just makes sense. You can do all your work from the most comfortable place – bed and it’s much easier to wake up in the morning with the sun pouring in.

Anyway there is more exciting news than the location of my bed…. I turned 20 yesterday! Hurrah! It feels nice to say that – 20. Feels rather fitting somehow. There were no extravagant parties (gosh I’m a grown-up now, I have to be well behaved) but there was much eating and catch-ing up-ing and even some singing. Me and Row went out for dinner with my parents and his parents to the Indian Cafe – which makes GREAT food. We had a few ‘tall blondes’ at Harry’s Bar first – well I stuck to the usual Sauv and Mum had something that looked liked Guinness but was probably much nicer. But it didn’t end there… we made our way back to my place where Dad presented his beautiful cake, inclusive off 20 candles. The cake was in the shape of an open book and was a symbol of the past chapters of my life and the ones still to come.

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday super!



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