Birthday Cake and Economy

So my poor blog as been slightly abandoned :( and right now I should be going to be but write I must!

Birthday cake and economy you ask?

Whenever I must write a title for my blog I sit for a while and think about what’s new in my world, what’s been happening, what have I learnt.

Well today I learnt two things.

1) When making chocolate cake you really should wear a swimming cap because you will get fudge frosting in your hair (and everywhere else.

2) We live in a money- mad society that is unfortunately falling apart. We all have a¬†ridiculous¬†addiction to spending and gaining and this is what our entire society is built on. Essentially, we’re doomed. Lucky I have chocolate cake.

And yes, I have been watching more zietguist.

I feel like a should really write a lot more about this as I have numerous opions on the topic but it’s heavy stuff and 12.29am. Bed calls, so I’ll save that for another time.

What else is new in my life? Fabulous flannel pyjamas with robots on them and new books arriving in the mail, managing to get through some more assignments, the realisation that every relationship contains two people, that are individuals and ultimately need their own space. Also; I would love a holiday, perhaps I could buy one of those on trademe. Oh and my partner turns 21 tomorrow – hence the cake.

I should go to bed though, I have to get up early to greet the courier.

I will write more soon. Maybe about something slightly more interesting.


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