Geranium Dreams

Last night I had a dream about a man who was stuck in a tree. He was dying as no one could get him out of the tree. It was on the news and heaps of people had gathered around the tree to show support. It was a very sad dream.

Dreams – they make impossible things seem perfectly normal, they make you look at people in knew ways and test  the limits of your mind. I have always had really vivid dreams that are often preposterous and quite often make me wake up feeling confused. Despite that I think I would be lost without them. Despite them being strange and sometimes scary I enjoy them on one level. Waking up and thinking about what my mind has managed to create whilst I’m slumbering is quite interesting. I think I should buy a dream diary and start writing snippets of them down.


Yesterday I went to the library to study. It’s a new thing I was trying and I enjoyed it. I didn’t get as much done as I had envisioned heh, but it was a nice environment to study in and I didn’t take my laptop which made for a nice change – screen and internet distraction free.

After that I went to Aromaflex, an aromatherapy store that I recently discovered. I could spend hours in there soaking up all the good smells.

I want to go and do this weekend aromatherapy course that they run but it costs $200 :( so not sure if that will happen.


Today it is pouring down with rain so that is what I want to write about;


She runs, free, through the deep puddles,

Careless and oblivious,

Her mittens once pink, are now soaked and muddy,

Her hair knotted by the wind,

Her cheeks red from the cold,

She is lost amongst the rain drops,

That fall steadily from a steely sky,

Her little body bounces from murky puddle to puddle,

She is a the splodge of colour against the gloom,

And she darts about, giggling,

Mother would have said, take a raincoat,

And would frown at her dirty pants,

But today the girl is alone,

Free to spin in circles in the rain,

As the rain protects her from the rest of the world,


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