The truth is stranger than fiction

So it’s Sunday and the 3rd day of April. Starting to get colder now. I’m looking forward to scrumptious winter clothes – snuggly coat, knitted dresses, new pyjamas, socks :D and rainy days inside writing and reading, adventures in the cold, snuggles in bed, bed in general.

Going to miss the sun though; the big shiny beast in the sky that makes us burnt and sweaty – oh how we loath it when it is upon us, oh how we long for it in the gloomy winter months.

I just bought the Best Pair Of Pants Ever, the first pair of pants I’ve bought in aaaaaaaaaaages. Lovely skinny cargos. Mmm. I forsee that I will be living in these pants. One cannot beat the all in one comfy and classy pants. Yes!

Enough about pants that I can’t really afford…

Tucked away somewhere in a neat little folder on my neat little desktop is a document entitled ‘Fabulous Fiction Writing Prompts’ which contains a giant list of questions to tickle the mind and set ideas careering off in my cotton wool brain.

One of those questions is this;

What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs?

Here are some thoughts I had

Well gosh wouldn’t that be a crisis? I guess it depends on if it happened once out of the blue or if it was simply the norm. I hate to think what state these poor creatures would be in, unless they had super powers. There would be a terrible mess; the streets littered with furry carcasses and I’d imagine a great number of terrible accidents too. How bout it? You’re driving along listening to some relaxing tunes after a tireing day at the office and BAM your hit by a border collie falling from the sky.

Or would this be like one of those disasters that everyone must be for-warned about. “Better stay at home today folks looks like we are in for a bout of cats and dogs, but that should clear by this afternoon.”

Maybe we would drive special automobiles that would provide a safe landing for the fallin’ cats and dogs; a rooftop trampoline or a big spongy mattress. Maybe we would stand outside with big nets outstretched.Or maybe we would have in place all over the city big nets spread out to collect the felines tumbling towards earth.

Imagine the sound of it on your colour steal roof. The mighty thuds as canine upon canine came raining down.

Imagine the possibilities.

There are thousands I suppose. But only a few can fit in my little head :)



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