Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures

The above quote is by a Jessamyn West. I like quotes and I also like books (as you might have gathered by now).

For the last two years I have a had a growing addiction to Trade Me. When we moved I was obssessed with looking at furniture and nice housy things. Yesterday I developed a fascination with all the millions of books on offer. There are currently 9 on my watchlist, this number will continue to grow, no doubt. :D

But it does have a point. Yesterday feeling all inspired and such I did some deep thinking about my goals and and my writing ambitions and I thought about My Book that I want to write.

I realise at about 2am yesterday morning (in between dreams) that I was missing something. A personal library. For reference, inspiration, ideas and just the pure joy of collecting books – being the hoarder that I am..

So I am now embarking on an epic book collecting venture. As well as my Trade Me watchlist I started making a list of books that I need to obtain, so far the list goes something like this;

A collection of Roald Dahl books
This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (one of my favourite books from when I was a teen)
The Tomorrow When the War Began series
A good atlas
A book of baby names (purely for inspiration when creating characters heh)
A book of quotations/ proverbs

The list is not complete of course.

And some time this morning after having an absolutely terrifying dream :( I also thought that I should get a book about the human body, a dictionary of illnesses, an encyclopedia …and the list goes on. Of course this is all thinking long term as it will be no cheap venture.


I think I will write more later. I need some tea.



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