A Month of Growth

Februrary – the shortest month of the year – has seemed like the longest month of my life (slight exaggeration) and it’s not even finished yet! So much has happened in this month (it feels like, anyway). I can’t believe that it was only three weeks ago that we were in Rotorua – it seems like a far away dream, but here and there are scattered reminders that it really happened. I have done a lot of things this month that have made me extend  – I like this word, to describe the feeling – extend myself, to reach for something not quite within my grasp and extend my comfort zone. I’m excited and nervous about the rest of the year but I definitely feel like its going to force me, and help me, to extend even more.

I got a new job!! Though I have been jumping for joy (quite literally in some cases) over this for the last few days, I haven’t actually started yet . It’s my first real job and its going to be a big learning curve to start with, but I am actually more excited than nervous about it. Oh yeah, I’m going to be a librarian!

I finally got some health-checks that I have been putting off for 6 months! It took me a long time to get around to doing these but I feel so good now that I have done them.

I tried on the plum coloured shoes seen in my previous post and fell in love. They are so classy, such a great colour and actually fit my oddly-shaped feet. So yes, I am buying them and I can’t wait to start wearing them. They’re the kind of shoe that looks dressed up but because of the colour and the fact they aren’t too high, you could wear them anywhere. Well, I would. Geewiz I’ll be buying boots soon! But my ‘Blossoms’ will be great for in between.


So I found ModCloth http://www.modcloth.com/, which was probably a huge mistake, but alas, I can’t take it back. I have literally spent hours browsing and ogling all of the pretty clothes, far too many hours. I feel like Modcloth defines the style of clothing I’d like to wear. Shame it’s so expensive.  Oh yea, and I bought hot rollers of trade me. See I have this thing where all I’ve ever wanted is lucious curls. I’m the guy driving the Lazer who one day dreams of owning an  XR6. I’ve tried almost everything to have curls, I even ruined my hair for a while by perming it. But, hopefully, HOPEFULLY with my new curlers I will finally have my XR6, ahem, I mean curls. I belong in the 50s.

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Brown - 14" Lacy Luck Skirt in Red

Java Chip Dress

Herb It On the Radio Dress

I’ve been cultivating more culinary skills. A couple of years ago – when I was in high school studying food technology, I thought I new how to cook. But for the last two years I have discovered that I hardly know how to cook anything. Every week I learn more and more. I feel like its something you can never truly master (OK maybe Gordon Ramsey or Alison Holst have but not your every-day-only-gets-to-cook-at-meal-times-for-two-or-a-small-family-types). This week I finally made Pumpkin Soup (I know, nothing fancy). I was astonished (yes, astonished) by how easy it was to make and how nice it was. It takes waaay less time than my Leek and Potato and its yum’er. Also, I finally learnt how  to boil eggs, which is great, because I love eggs! Now I have to master poaching.


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