Wow! Today I made a fascinating discovery – which is not the result I was expecting from two hours of tedious work. My blog – Short Cuts, posts of 2o11 to be specific – is 59 MS word pages long (!!!) and about 13500 words! I decided I really needed a copy of my blog as it has been a great companion and its a big reflection of everything that happened last year. I’m hoping to print it out. Maybe I should even self-publish it hehehe.

So February has been good – it’s been filed with afternoon naps, adventurous cooking, shoe-gazing, blog-browsing and accidental whiskey-drinking.

Here are some of my favourite sites at the moment:

The Happiness Project 


For an afternoon pick-me-up, quick inspiration or more indepth insight. Gretchen Ruben is one wise women.

Gala Darling


For style and zesty tips but mostly, she’s just a role-model. She’s so sassy,  is an ex-Wellingtonian now residing in NYC and she started her own fabulous blog-central business from scratch. And shes a writer!

Esme and the Laneway 


In absolute love with her vintage style and adorable dresses.

Go Fug Yourself


Not as bad as it sounds hehe, basically fashion gone wrong, wrong, wrong.

And here are some of the beautiful things I MUST HAVE :D


These shoes – Blossoms – I am actually going to save up and buy if they are a good fit. The colour is absolutely perfect. I really, really, really want these. ($120 Hannahs)



And these baby’s. Which are somewhat rediculous but just as amazing and only $80! If they are wearable I’ll have to snap me up a pair of these too (of course this shoe-desiring requires money which I don’t currently have…)

I was going to burble on about my goals and what-not for Feb but I decided just to focus on some good things – shoes, great blogs, baby pink toe-nails, sitting around a table having an alcohol induced discussion about the flaws of men, my first bean sprouting up (or off a vine rather), marigolds, letters in the mail, my book and my house that isn’t perfect but is GOOD, that I get to keep for a bit longer.

Also, it’s Valentines Day tomorrow. I’m not one of those people (actually I really really am, Rows not, so we don’t) who gets all into Valentines Day and buys cheesey gifts, but we always make an extra effort. Tomorrow for the first time in what seems like months me and Row actually get to sleep in together. Yikes! Then we plan to have lunch out, look at some scenery and have wine with dinner. Today, he rang me when I finshed work (even though he was working) just to discuss this. That’s why I love him oh so much. It put a big, fat smile on my dial.

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