Weak muscles and Big Dreams

One thing that we regularly learn about on my course is the different sides of writing; the different types of writers. One example of this is impulsive writers vs plotters. Impulsive writers just right,without plans – that’s the box I fit in. Plotters on the other hand plan first and write later.

Today I looked at some notes on subjective and objective writing. Subjective is writing in a descriptive manner, using emotion and opinion. Objective writing states facts – is plain and to the point, nothing is left up to the interpretation of the reader.

My point here is that as I learn about the different aspects of writing and the different kinds of writers I am learning about my weaknesses – this isn’t a bad thing.

I have always been a subjective writer and find it hard to write objectively. Objective writing has its place and is a useful skill. Learning about my ‘weak writing muscles’ is really valuable. At school I knew that I was ‘a good writer’. But this course is helping me to see that I am still developing and learning and that, ultimately, I am not a good writer yet. The flip side of this is that I have the potential to become a good writer – maybe one day a great writer.

This is highly liberating. Because it feels a lot more genuine that being told that I am good at writing. Knowing that you have the potential to be great at something is a powerful thing. Something that everyone should have. If I think about the people closest to me I can see that they all have this too. Or some of them, like my mother and father, are already experiencing those things that they are great at.

Everybody should be given the chance to see their true potential and the opportunity to strive to achieve it.

And here is my objective/ subjective writing exercise.


The bed is queen sized and sits in the centre of the room. It measures 5 by 6 feet and consists of a mattress and base resting on 8 wooden legs. The bed is dressed with a blue flannelet sheet, a black duvet with coloured square and a blank mink blanket. The bed has 2 pillows with black pillowcases positioned at the top of the bed. The bed is 10 years old and sags in the middle. A black valance covers the bed base. The bed sits under a window that measures 1 by 2 metres. Thick olive coloured curtains cover the windows.


The bed is my sanctuary. It is squishy and worn with age but still provides comfort and a good night’s sleep. It is the centre piece of the room and a comfortable place to read as the afternoon sun streams through the large window at the head of the bed. The bed is dressed with class; the warm sky blue sheet is hidden under a puffy duvet and a soft, black, mink blanket. At the top of the bed rest my pillow and yours, both shaped by heavy sleeping heads into ‘just right’.  Whilst it might have been a ‘trade me bargain’, I still count it as one of my top 5 places in the world.


“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Ashley Smith



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