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My blog has been slightly abandoned lately… not something I try to do. It’s amazing how much time and energy working consumes, even when I like my job and only work four days a week.

My book has entered the editing stage, which I wish was more exciting. I feel like making decisions hugely helps with progress though. I have decided to send it to Random House. I have also decided I want to finish my editing by 1 July. But we’ll see. I’m not too sure how much editing it will need. The first edit is easy. The mistakes are like headlights, or zits, blindingly obvious. The problem is that you can’t just do one edit, you have to do it again and again and again and it gets harder every time. And fox in socks, I’ve never editing something 87 pages long before!

Some house related things have been happening. We aren’t moving anymore. I think I just about had a nervous breakdown. Our new flattie has moved in and we have been rearranging. It’s funny, well, I’m funny. I’m a highly habitual creature, but I find that change is soo good for me. I love fresh. Our new lounge looks great. We just bought the most fabulous coffee table. And I want to get some more retro furniture. And a train set. I don’t know when I developed an adoration for trains but I love them and I want a proper train set, with a steam train that goes around on  tracks.

I’ve started a very special collection of vintage dresses. The thing is, there is something extremely satisfying about buying vintage. You might buy an expensive piece of new clothing and it comes with a price tag and the guilt. But with vintage, you know you’re getting great quality and a one-off piece. And each purchase is so special and well  thought out. I just bought my 4th proper vintage dress and its coming from Paris!! I can’t wait for it to arrive.

This picture is from Maryika Vintage on Etsy

60s yellow sunflower top plaid skirt Twiggy mod scooter shift dress S.

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