These are some of my favourite things…

What could be better than crispy, golden pom poms; delicious chicken and a huge pile of colourful vegetables? I love food that encompasses rich flavours, vegies and simplicity. I think only Mac and Cheese can beat pie on the comfort food front. There is something so satisfying about being able to load up a one-dish-meal with  a ton of ingrediants. That’s why I love pie. But pie is also fiddley and expensive, with all that pastry. This is where Naked Pie comes in! No pastry (less fat – bonus!) – a simple recipe that doesn’t compromise on taste. The original recipe can be found here: – but who wants to save pie just for the winter (also, this recipe didn’t work for me so I made some serious adaptions!).


Laura’s Naked Chicken


25g Butter. Vegies. Garlic. Simmer
Chunks of chicken breast. Mixed herbs. Ground pepper. Sautee.

Chicken: shredded. Vegies. Sour Cream. Watties Condenses Chicken Soup.

Top with Pom Poms. Bake @ 180 for 30.

Wear loose clothing. Devour.

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