There are only 11 days left of January – only a month more of summer after that! It is a sad thought and for that reason I want to make the most of these final 11 days of January.

But first – what has been so far?

We just spent 3 wonderful weeks house/ cat sitting in the country. It included much lying in the sun and eating, kitten taming, occasional beer drinking and general country life. There was also a road trip to Picton in an old van and a dip in the Pelorus river. AndĀ even a Wedding! – a medieval one too. Now that I look back, January hasn’t been half bad.

So for the rest of January? I want to go to a Kite Festival, a play (outside, based on fairy tales, with picnic of course), out for breakfast, biking, swimming, finish the 5th Chapter of my book…. I also have to go to a baby shower and possibly a 21st both next weekend. Will post later. With many tales to tell, I hope.

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