I’m Still Here!

I haven’t forgotten you blog. I promise. I have just been taking some time do a whole lot of thinking. It hasn’t really gotten me anywhere yet….also most recently there were some very scary technical glitches. BlogTown has done something super weird to their home page and couldn’t find where to log on to my blog! So confusing. Luckily I could still access my blog (by following the address) and could log on through there.

Ah. I’m snuggled (well as snuggled as you can be, typing) up in bed, listening to  the rain outside, doing some work. A pleasant Sunday morning. I just need some tea.

There is exactly 3 weeks of work left on my Diploma!! Three weeks!!!!!! I have mixed feelings about this – relief, sadness, pride, worry. This Semester has just disappeared, honestly. 12 weeks have just vanished. Its weird how time goes so much faster when the end is near. Semester One was exactly the same length but it feels like it was about a year longer. Officially my course finishes on the 18th November.

So I’m still thinking (thinking, mulling, dreaming, contemplating) Massey. A 3 year degree majoring in English to be exact.

Originally (well not originally, who knows what I was going to do originally) I was thinking maybe I could work for a year. Have a break from study, get some experience, make some dough (not literally). Or even study part -time work part-time. But the thing is, the sad, sad thing is that there IS NO JOBS. Period. I mean there are some ‘jobs’. But the problem is that the jobs I’d like to do I’m apparently too dumb to do and the jobs that I might actually have a slim chance at doing I’m too smart to do… hah. I wish I could write in my CV “I’m actually not a moron. In fact I’m probably smarter than most of the people you are going to interview. Just because I haven’t done this exact job before doesn’t mean I CAN”T LEARN.” Really? Have people given up on teaching. I feel sorry for future generations. We are setting them up for failure.

Annnywaaay… so, working (a proper job) seems to be no longer an option. So here is the new plan which sounds just swell  to me. I’m going to study at Massey in February (maybe). I’m going to have a lovely blissful, relaxing wonderful  3 months off prior to this and let the government pay my bills because they’re too stupid to figure out how to fix the economy (a.k.a the dole) and finally – fingers, toes, arms, legs, noses and eyebrows crossed – I’m going to win the Sunday Star-Times Short Story Competition so that I have a little bit of extra cash (of course that isn’t the only reason I want to win). Please, please, please, please, I’d be happy with 3rd place.

So. Now I just have to decide. And put the plan into action. And start believing in God. Maybe not the last thing . Honestly though, with out sounding like I’m blowing my own horn, a summer off would be so great. After last summer I feel like a deserve it too. And I wouldn’t be lazying around doing nothing. There would be much work done! Just work that I actually like doing like painting, and writing and finding places to submit work to. And finishing my book. And oh..so many things.

Well, I think this is just about long enough. And I’m in great need of tea. I will write soon, hopefully with a decision made.


Bring on Summer I say!

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