Let it be Spring!

I am celebrating the first day of Spring with a glass of wine (possibly a touch flat :/), Radiohead – In Rainbows and a new post on my mildly abandoned blog (I do love you bloggy I swear).  Bring on the warm weather, summer vegetables, ocean swims, bare feet, dresses, and new opportunities!

I am somewhat worried (who I am I kidding – I’m completley terrified) about finding a job, or more correctly, not finding one. I just wish it wasn’t so hard and so incredibly stressful to find a job – shouldn’t it be a relatively simple task – I WANT  TO WORK. You’d think it would be harder to avoid work, since ya know, its the accepted social norm. But alas, the economy resembles a steaming pile of elephant dung at the moment. Also I only have about two months left of my Diploma :( I have really enjoyed it and its all just ending too quickly for my liking.

I’m also starting to get tired of being really really broke…. but that’s depressing so lets talk about something exciting.

I am loving my painting class at the moment. Painting completes me in this weird way that I can’t explain at all with words. I imagine it as like a blind person who can finally see the face of their children… or someone who walks for the first time…and the greatest part is that there is no measure of how good my work is. It just is what it is. And its brilliant because it is being created, not solely because of the end result. I kind of wish I could just paint and write and cook and eat and drink wine and swim in the sea all summer.

Right now I am listening to Nude by Radiohead – it is such a beautiful song.

I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a haircut before :D I’m a bit scared because I am going to a different hair dressers that I have never been to before. But my God I am not guna miss the mass of split ends that I have at the moment. Also, I’m thinking a fringe like this could be nice.

From valooworfae.blogspot.com


And now I should probably make dinner – nachos! – but first These are some of my Favourite Things


Love these Shoes!

[deadlyvintage.com] 1950's nile-green stiletto heels

From topit.me and http://vi.sualize.us













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  1. Thanks for posting a pic of my nile-green pumps!

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