The future, wishlists and winter air.

So I’m just watching Futurama, which is my new favourite animated TV show. I like that it has a layer of depth, that other animated shows are missing.

I am very close to finishing Chapter A, the first chapter in my first book. I am very pleased that I have gotten this far – almost 15 pages! I’m not usually good at sticking to things but I feel like I have gotten far enough that I’m guna be able to keep going, which sends little shivers down my spine. Everyday my dream is becoming a tiny bite sized piece closer to reality.

It’s getting colder – it’s come to that time of winter where there is an actual bite to the air, it goes right to your bones.

I have a growing wishlists of treats that I want (and am slowly acquiring). The list includes Aromaflex Oils (aromatherapy essential oils from the absolutely beautiful Aromaflex store, black and white film to play around with in my Holga film camera, paints and canvas, some scrummy winter knit dresses and journals and letter writing stationary. I found this delicious website that sells gorgeous hand made stationary Рmy shopping cart already has $83 worth of stuff in it (eek!) Presse Papiers

Thats all for today.


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