Midnight Rambles

OK, so I always seem to blog in the middle of the night when I should really be asleep. I think I must be part owl. I just had a big burst of energy – yes it’s 12.30 am – and went through and caught up on lots of exercises for this week and last week.

Tomorrow I plan to finish 3 major assignments which are due this weekend. I’m pretty happy with what I have done so hopefully I will get some good results.

And sheesh – after those are handed in only have two small assignments left, two weeks of work and then whabam! This semester is over. This year, as usual, is screeching by. But I am enjoying it.

Have so many thoughts for what to do next year. More study, writing and working, going somewhere else. Just too many possibilities. I think that I have to make a deal with myself to finish my book before I enroll in any more big courses though. My student loan will turn into a monster and eat me otherwise. And it’s about time I did some hard work.

I did the aromatherapy course in the weekend and it was awesome. So glad I decided to do it. Very, very good value for money. Indepth, informative, inspiring and lots of fun with a cool bunch of people. Now I want to spend hundreds of dollars on luscious oils mmm..

Anyway it is almost 1am! So I am going to get ready for bed. (At long last) Busy day tomorrow, studying and more studying.





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